Thursday, 13 September 2012

Compare the girls

I decided to film a little sketch showing how three different girls would deal with the same situation. How to cross a muddy path.
Firstly we have the office girl.

Dressed in her pin-striped suit and sensible ballet heels.

 She carefully negotiates the mud taking her time and keeping clean.

 Next comes the drunken party girl. She is wearing her satin party dress and gold heels.

 She doesn't want to get muddy but her swaying walk might be her problem.

 Oh dear. She's stepped right into the mud filling those lovely heels.

 And now her dress has hit the water as well. She'll have trouble cleaning that satin.

Finally we come to the slut. Dressed only in basque, thong, stockings and thigh boots how will she treat the crossing.

 She doesn't give a shit and walks straight through the deepest part.

Then she stops to actually splash and stamp in the mud.

Surely she's not going to sit down?

She is. What a mess.

 Look at the mud on her clothes and in her boots.

 Has she finished?

Apparently not!

I picked this spot because I have never seen anyone there and I can get the car nearby. However, just as I finished the last piece and had stripped off two cyclists came past. Actually all they saw was a naked male washing off the last of the mud but I wonder what they thought. Especially if they'd come past five minutes earlier.

The video can be seen here

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