Sunday, 2 February 2014


I hadn't had a chance to go out in the mud for months so as the sun dawned on a cold Sunday morning I packed some clothes and headed out. Well, to be honest I put on the first outfit and set out!
The story is that Davina is walking to a party.
The sun was just coming up and the temperature was just above freezing. The worst thing was the strong wind. as you can see I was wearing a lace dress, bra, thong, tights and brand new suede heels.

Add ing the coat made little difference to the temperature.

At this stage it is easy to avoid the puddles.

Now the ground is getting wetter and muddier.

After soaking the heels in the icy water it is time to return.

Oh dear I appear to have lost my footing.

The mud is all over my coat, dress and backside.

And I've forgotten my handbag. (More of this in a minute)

Already wet I take delight in splashing in the puddles.

And then back along the road dripping mud. Now the plan was for Davina to go back in a different outfit and get the handbag which had a mobile in it.  However, just as I stopped filming an old boy appeared with his dog for a walk. He didn't quite know what to make of me. Then cyclists came past so I decided to give up. I changed back into male clothes and retrieved the handbag.

Then I moved to a new location and changed into the second outfit. To be honest I was so cold from the first session I did think about giving up at this point but twenty minutes  in the warm car thawed me out. This time a jumper, boots, bra, thong, suspender belt and stockings.

A great location but the wind was even fiercer and although the sun was out the mud was freezing.

I would love to have carried on but I couldn't feel my feet so gave up. Washing in cold water didn't help.

The tights were ripped getting undressed and the suede heels are completely ruined. Otherwise everything else was okay.

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