Friday, 12 October 2012

Grocery delivery

I was so turned on one day but had to wait for our groceries to be delivered. First proper try of online shopping. Whilst waiting I got more and more arounsed and decided to dress to greet the delivery man or woman.

 Talk about nervous. I paced back and forth for some time.

 I even went outside dressed.

 And opened the gate to look down the road to see if he or she was coming.

 Unfortunately my nerves got the better of me and I took off the wig, blouse and skirt and replaced them with jeans and sweatshirt.

 I ket the undies on though as you can see. The delivery man is just outside the window with the boxes.

 Unfortunately he stayed on the doorstep so I had no chance to flash the camera when he came in. I think I should have removed my boobs as he kept looking at my chest. Here he is just going.

Maybe next time the nerves will hold out.

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