Wednesday, 10 July 2013

DIY Workshop - Episode 3

Now it was time to get even messier.
For this film I went and bought new clothes. Unfortunately the pictures and video don't do them justice. The blouse is pink and white stripes whilst the trousers are a pale pink.

The underwear is matching pink and white.

This time two products on display are metallic paint and instant nail glue. Neither of which I have used.

Gloves are definitely going to be important here.

To protect the work surface a rag is required so I cut up a nice new t-shirt.

Having glued the edges of the two planks I add a little more glue on top.

Unfortunately I forget (Not really) and sit down on the glue to demonstrate the paint.

All goes well to start with.

But oh dear, I seem to have got paint on my nice new clothes.

Soon I start to spread the paint everywhere.

Ripping open the blouse I even paint my nice bra.

When i try to stand I find myself stuck to the work bench.

The only way to release myself is use a knife to cut off the belt and right down both legs of the trousers.

You can see the trousers stuck to the boards.

The bra and knickers got cut and ripped too.

The black paint took forever to get off as I couldn't find any solvent to touch it. Eventually I used WD40 which then left me covered in oil. That came off with washing up liquid.

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