Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Lottery dare

I have been given a dare to do which relies on the British lottery numbers (Six balls 1-49 and a bonus ball 1-49). It is the first try so it has been kept simple.
I have picked an area on Google maps not too far from my home and given the location. The first lottery number drawn will provide a Northing and the second one will provide a Westing. (I won't bother you with how it is worked out). The rest of the numbers are disregarded for now. The bonus ball will pick the clothes I have to wear ranging from naked to fully dressed as a male or female. I then have to take a picture of myself as near to the location as possible.
The area covers both countryside and villages so I could end up with a picture of me naked in the village centre. I am very nervous but excited. The draw is tomorrow night and the picture will be taken on Saturday.

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